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about simona

I’d love to help you look your best. . And to ensure just that, I’d like to get to know you first. Who you are, what it is you do and how you want others to perceive you. Together we’ll find a hair style that suits you.

In my profession, I meet plenty of inspiring people. I meet you, the individual who sits comfortably in my chair. I meet colleagues, celebrities, celerity stylists and the people who invented extraordinary hair care products. Many of you have taught me to follow my own path and to approach hair care differently. Since 2014, I'm not just a top hair stylist and colorist, I'm also an entrepreneur. As soon as you step into my own color, cut & blowdry club, you meet me. This is where my many passions come together: hairdressing, music, art, a family vibe and my love for nature.

I grew up with music. For me, music is the warmth of home and family. It sets the tone, shapes my mood and at times it makes me feel vibrant. It comes as no surprise that I value having the right music at the right time in my own salon. Soul and Jazz until two o'clock. Later in the afternoon, when we mix soul with funk, the volume goes up. When Velanti is busy, with someone in every chair enjoying a moment of 'me-time' and when the music sets the mood, I'm in my element.

Color specialist

I have been a certified hair stylist and color specialist for over 20 years. I value education, I like feeling inspired and follow the latest trends. Therefore I completed various trainings and courses over the years and I will continue to do so. I can color like no other. In fact, I dare say that I am one of the few people in Amsterdam and surroundings who can successfully color European, Asian and Black hair. I passionately design bright colors that look natural and transparent. I not only want to see its shine, I want your hair to reflect the light and show me little color nuances. That's a very different from how some other hairdressers approach color.

Warm, safe and secure

It's no myth that hair stylists hear plenty of stories. I hear them too, the funny, beautiful, sad or educational stories. Often I can join in the conversation, share information or tips from others, or give my own advice. That is why I kept you in mind while designing my salon. In our VIP cabins, you can be you and share anything and everything. Whether it's about your hair, insecurity about your appearance or a life event. I find it important that you feel safe and secure with me. And that no one else other then me or one of mew crew members, is listening.

Velanti Amsterdam
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I deliberately say that I am an entrepreneur. After all, I am so much more than an excellent hair stylist with a good eye for color. I recently developed my own organic hair care products and as a Velanti member you are welcome at my bar for a fair trade coffee and a vegetarian. Looking for a gift to tread a loved? You are sure to find something suitable in my fair trade shop. I am a creative soul. So who knows, maybe in a year's time I'll be writing a whole new paragraph to this page about opening my own art gallery, live music on Sundays or a jazzy nightclub where you can shine with a great haircut and a tailor-made outfit. As long as you feel refreshed and I can help you shine, every new concept fits Velanti.

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