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New at Velanti: shiny, stronger and thick hair with L’ANZA Ultimate Treatment. We promise remarkable and long lasting results in only 5 to 10 minutes.

After careful consideration, we chose L’ANZA for our healing hair line at Velanti. L’ANZA supports a healthy and sustainable earth. Their products live and breath organic and they are against animal testing. So far, it ticks all our boxes. But do they actually heal your hair? The answer is yes. Let us explain how.

L'ANZA Ultimate Treatment is a tailor-made hair restoration service that works in three steps and can be performed at the sink. The treatment is based on your hair type, condition or desired follow-up treatment. We start with a deep cleansing color-safe shampoo that removes hard water minerals, chlorine, metal deposits and other impurities. Next is a quick test for essential proteins, moisture and minerals. Based on the results, we select a power booster for fragile, dry or fine hair and add the necessary nutrients. It only takes 5 to 10 minutes.

Besides L'ANZA, we work with KEVIN.MURPHY. A brand that stands for fashion, eco friendly and cruelty free. They develop products with the best ingredients from nature, such as vitamins, essential oils, antioxidants and plant extracts combined with the latest skincare technology. Quality and sustainability are key. The products are weightless, designed for long-lasting performance and give the hair strength. And that is why we have been working with KEVIN.MURPHY for years. These products are gentle on the hair.

Product in the spotlight

velanti salt spray

How does thyme, sage and pure essential oils such as lavender, patchouli and sandalwood sound? Devine right? Our spray is the solution to give hair a boost of definition without strengthening or fixing. The organic salt blend with sandalwood and patchouli takes you to a beautiful beach in your mind's eye where the wind is always blowing gently. Spray a small amount on the roots of wet hair for mega volume at the roots. Or use a more generous amount for a cool beach look.

What others say

"I'm not blessed with thick and shiny hair. Instead it is fine and frizzy. After a year of neglect due to the corona pandamic Simona introduced me to L'ANZA Ultimate Treatment. We discovered a lack of protein and 10 minutes later my hair was soft, shiny and far from frizzy. "

Gaby Dam
respect mother nature

cruelty free

We work exclusively with cruelty-free organic products. This is reflected in our very own Velanti hair care and wellness products. In which we combined years of experience in hair care with carefully selected organic ingredients and science. Our own hair care range is complemented by brands such as Balmain, Kevin Murphy, L’ANZA and Olaplex. We value humane production of all hair care products in our salon and therefore make sure none of the selected brands test on animals.