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Let us introduce you to your new hair: high quality real hair, available in 70 natural shades. By using a braiding technique, we ensure your new hair blends in perfectly with your own hair, its discrete and secure.  

Let us introduce you to your new hair

We work exclusively with handmade hair wefts, made of high-quality real hair. The hair falls smoothly, does not fluff and retains its natural shine for a long time. The hair wefts we use are available in 70 shades (incl. balayage, babylights highlights & coupe soleil) and in various lengths. After placing the hair wefts, we style your new hair for a complete, natural and perfect result. At home you can wash and style your hair in your own familiar way.

Meet your wishes

Get that nice hair

You might crave a new head of hair, thicker and fuller. Well, you aren't the only one. Many people, both men and women, get thinner hair as they get older. It’s a natural process. Or hair gets damaged and changes structure by sun, heating (blow-drying), stress, diet, medication or disease. Here is our solution: hearweaving. This is the best way to lengthen your hair and give it more volume. And this is our specialty.

Our hairweave treatment is available for almost any hair type. There is only one condition: your own hair needs to meet a minimum length, if your own hair is too short we cannot properly attach the hair wefts. In case of illness or when taking certain medications, hairweaving can be (temporarily) discouraged or postponed.

The hairweave technique we use is a braiding technique. This allows us to quickly and safely attach hair to your own hair for a longer period of time. We will start by braiding 2 to 7 thin flat braids with your own hair. The new hair is attached to your braids. We recommend to replace the hair wefts after 5 to 8 weeks.

Free consultation

Prior to any treatment, we will first discuss your wishes. We will talk possibilities, are discrete, honest and upfront. Together we determine your hair type and color, how thick the layers of hair should be and how many layers you’ll need to look your best. Finally we will talk about the length and hairstyle you envision. When your wishes are met, we make an appointment for the hairweave treatment. This first consultation is free of charge and free of obligation.

Hair extensions, bond extensions, wax extensions, tape extensions are all beautiful techniques. Unfortunately, sometimes your hair is too thin for one of those techniques. With hairweaving we can adjust the braid and the amount of new hair to the strength of your own hair. You can wear your new hair for years, without stressing your own hair.

Hairweaving is the solution for fine and thinner hair. But its fun too! Do you have a party, a performance or are you the bride-to-be and do you need a completely different hair look with longer or fuller hair and color nuances? Book an appointment and lets discuss the possibilities.

Velanti Amsterdam
A new head of hair?

Yes, please!

Do you have any question about hairweave or any one of our other treatments? Contact us or stop by and make an appointment for a free intake consultant, we are more then happy to give you tailored advice!